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At the village of Exanthia, above the clouds of your favorite restaurant “Rachi”and next to the mountainous paragliding site of the slope which fly you to the wonderful West coasts, the All Day café-bar “FLY ME” opens its wings and welcomes you with a big hug…


You will find us every day since early in the morning, with friendly company coffee and traditional handmade sweets and substantial breakfast.

We are exactly there where the view is breathtaking on the edge of the cliff in front of the vast sea…

Later, you can taste cool drinks and unique cocktails, where the glance is magnetized by the sun which disappears in the Ionian open sea….

And all this in a place which calms your mind and at the same time it gives you the sense that you really fly.

Love at first sight OR everlasting company?

Between the tree foliage, beneath the summer sun and stars

 the “FLY ME” is waiting for you to discover it!



Exantheia, Lefkada

Open from May till September

Opening Hours

Every day from 10:00 a.m.

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